$ARBOT Staking

ARBOT staking reward is one of the utilities of ARBOT, holders are able to receive staking rewards originate from taxes and subscription fees.


  • Staking rewards will be distributed in $ARBOT, which will be bought back on the open market and will not charge the 5% tax

  • No minimum staking amount required, and you can choose to unstake at any time

  • Your rewards depend on the proportion of tokens you stake in relation to the total staking amount. You can claim the rewards at any time without minimum threshold, but please assess the gas fee cost on your own

Distribution method

  • To ensure a more stable and consistent distribution of rewards, we will operate on a monthly reward cycle, assessing the accumulated reward pool amount and market trading volume to determine the repurchase amount of ARBOT in market and the monthly allocation of rewards.

  • As for the amount of $ARBOT rewards in the next cycle, it will vary based on future taxes and subscription fees. we will announce it in advance a few days before the end of this cycle.

  • Monthly Distribution:

CyclesDateDistribution amount

1st cycle

Oct 4th 2023- Nov 3rd 2023

1,684,800 ARBOT

2nd cycle

Nov 4th 2023 - Dec 3rd 2023

1,700,000 ARBOT

3rd cycle

Dec 4th 2023 - Jan 3rd 2024

1,180,000 ARBOT

4th cycle

Jan 4th 2024 - Feb 3rd 2024

1,180,000 ARBOT

5th cycle

Feb 4th 2024 - Mar 3rd 2024

590,000 ARBOT

6th cycle

Apr 4th 2024 - May 3rd 2024

590,000 ARBOT

7th cycle

May 4th 2024 - Jun 3rd 2024

590,000 ARBOT

8th cycle

Jun 4th 2024 - Jul 3rd 2024

590,000 ARBOT

How to stake ARBOT

  1. Go to Alpha Radar Bot official website: https://alpharadarbot.xyz and click "$ARBOT Staking"

  1. Connect your wallet (currently we only support Metamask wallet)

  2. Click on "Stake" and enter your desired staking amount

  1. Confirm approval and the transaction in your wallet. Once you see 'Success' in the bottom left corner, it means that your ARBOT has been successfully staked!

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