How to use New Liquidity Scanner

Below is the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Make sure you have 200,000 ARBOT in your wallet. You can purchase on Uniswap if not having enough ARBOT:

Step 2: Go to Alpha Radar Bot (, type "/start" command then you'll see the welcome message, click "Alpha Radar Website."

Step 3: Click "Connect Wallet" and confirm in your Metamask.

Step 4: Click "Link Telegram" and type your Telegram ID ( Important Note: Telegram ID is a series of numbers, NOT the Telegram handle!! If you don't know your telegram ID, go back to telegram and type "/chat_id" to get it )

Step 5: After completing the above steps, please DM us your Telegram ID. Once confirmed, we will send you a private link. Click on that link to access the New Liquidity Scanner and enjoy complete information of Alphas!

NOTE: If you already have 200k ARBOT, you can access New Liquidity Scanner immediately after binding. If you purchase enough ARBOT after binding, you will have to wait for one hour for accessing.

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