Alpha Radar Bot (ETH)

Alpha Radar Bot is the first AI tool of Alpha Radar AI.

It is an AI-powered bot that automatically identifies 100x potential alpha from hundreds, thousands of new projects every day. It screens and accurately identifies potential projects 24/7, making it the #1 assistant for both experienced crypto investors and newcomers in finding potential investment opportunities.

In Alpha Radar Bot, you can learn newly deployed token with high potential. Also, our bot will continue to monitor the growth and provide multiple updates of these tokens every day.

Product Strengths

  • Preciseness - Our AI model filters out 85-90% low potential tokens and capture almost all high-potential ones every day

  • Highly secure - The rug pull ratio for our alpha notifications is significantly lower than the market average

  • Fast - We rate the potential of a new token within 1-5 mins of launch while being precise

Access the Alpha Radar Bot here:

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