How to use Alpha Radar Bot

Below is the step by step guide:

Step 1: Make sure you have 50,000 ARBOT in your wallet. You can purchase on Uniswap if not having enough ARBOT:

Step 2: Go to Alpha Radar Bot (, type "/start" command then you'll see the welcome message, click "Alpha Radar Website"

Step 3: Click "Connect Wallet" and confirm in your Metamask.

Step 4: Click "Link Telegram" and type your Telegram ID ( Important Note: Telegram ID is a series of numbers, NOT the Telegram handle!! If you don't know your telegram ID, go back to telegram and type "/chat_id" to get it )

Step 5: Once you see the "Success" message on website, return to alpha radar bot, type /start again, permissions to alpha radar bot will be granted and you can start enjoying finding alphas!!

NOTE: If you already have 50k ARBOT, you can access Alpha Radar Bot immediately after binding. If you purchase enough ARBOT after binding, you will have to wait for 20-30 mins for accessing.

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