Alpha Radar on Solana

The Origin

Alpha Radar on Solana is an exclusive AI tools developed by the Alpha Radar AI team to cater to the explosive growth on Solana.

Built upon Ethereum's model, we leverage historical new token data from Solana and SPL token metadata for model optimization, aiming to launch a model capable of predicting potential 100x alpha on Solana!

The Tools

There will be two types of tools : Solana New Liquidity Scanner and Solana Radar Bot.

  • Solana New Liquidity Scanner will provide real-time alerts for all newly deployed tokens, no matter the scoring is high or low, suitable for users who want to capture opportunities on their own.

  • Solana Radar Bot will exclude low-rated tokens, only provide notifications of high scoring tokens, catering to users who prefer a curated chosen, high potential targets.

The content of the notification will include:

  • Basic token information

  • Contract security information (eg. Liquidity burnt, Mintable, Freeze Authority, Mutable metadata)

  • Social media links (Telegram, Twitter, Website)

  • Token concentration (eg. Top 5 wallet )

  • Alpha Score (0-100)

Why Alpha Radar on Solana

  • Preciseness.

With over 2,000 new tokens daily on Solana, unlike some other bots that push 1,000 per day, boasting that they are awesome, we filter down to the remaining 5-10% and can capture all high-potential projects.

  • Highly secure.

Security is the first priority. The rug pull ratio for our high score notifications is only around 20-25%, significantly lower than the market average of 75%!

  • Fast

It only takes 1-5 mins for our AI model to digest, analyze all kinds of data and determine the Alpha Score (potential) of a new tokens - faster than any human being and other tools!

Compared to other tools for scanning new tokens in the market, these strengths are hard to surpass that make us the best choice in the market!

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