How We Find Alpha

The operation of Alpha Radar Bot can be described in three stages:

  1. Extensive data collection

Firstly, we use web crawling to search new projects from various sources and collect project related information as much as possible, including both on-chain and off-chain data.


  • Data source: Twitter, medium

  • On-chain data: Blockchain explorer, Defillama, Dune analytics

  • Off-chain data: Audit report, community activeness

  1. Projects screening and analysis

With collected data, our dedicated AI-model analyzes and evaluates projects from all aspects. It is trained on a wealth of data from both past and existing projects, including their historical token price. Our in-house experienced data scientists and crypto experts, with their vast experience , supervise the model to ensure reliable result.

  1. Information output through Telegram Bot

Once a new project passes our criteria to be considered a potential alpha, it will be listed on our daily potential alpha list. The information will then be further categorized, enabling users to choose the type of potential alpha they are interested in, also access the rating of these potential alpha projects through interaction with Alpha Radar TG Bot !

The potential alphas will be updated daily, with an estimated 3-10 potential alpha candidates each day, depending on market conditions.

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