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Token Info

CA - Contract Address=Token Address

  • Used to search for coins on different platforms and to verify whether they are Honeypots. Avoid using token names for searches; only rely on contract addresses.



  • The amount of USD that a token can be transferred into.


  • The ease with which a digital token can be converted into a digital asset or cash without affecting its price.

  • Liquidity Locked

    • For holder security, creators secure liquidity on dedicated sites or direct it to a burn address. Unicrypt or Team Finance are commonly used for this purpose (be cautious with PinkSale).

  • Liquidity Removal

    • Occurs when a scammer drains the liquidity pool, causing the coin's value to plummet to zero.

  • LIquidity Burned

    • Done by sending the tokens to a crypto wallet address where those tokens will be forever unretrievable, and can be considered as having disappeared from circulation

Contract Security


  • Denotes that a contract has been verified and can be fully examined on etherscan. Unverified contracts might have undisclosed features pointing to potential scams, so prioritize verified contracts.

Proxy Contract

  • If a token has proxy contract, this means that the owner of the proxy contract has complete control over the implementation contract, which could lead to an upgrade of the implementation contract to include malicious functions that favor the owner. For example, the owner could upgrade the contract to transfer all tokens to the owner.


  • Some developers use it to deter bots and snipers from pumping coins in the initial minute. However, it can also be exploited to prevent token sales and blacklist wallets.


  • A token purchasable but not sellable due to elevated taxes or special functions coded into the contract.

Rug Pull Risk-Premium mode info

RUG Pull Risk

  • These are projects or coins designed to deceive. Various tactics are employed to create a RUG, such as eliminating liquidity, setting the tax to 100%, halting the contract, or blacklisting wallets, all with the ultimate aim of taking your money.

LP (Liquidity Pool)

  • Liquidity pool is trading pool for a token, typically established on platforms like UNISWAP, SUSHISWAP, SHIBASWAP, etc. It takes the form of a pair like ETH/USDT or WETH/DOGE. The initial pool is provided by the contract creator, then it operates automatically, funded by traders.

Buy TAX/ Sell Tax

  • Refers to the tax on token buying and selling, subject to change until renounced.

Ownership Renounced

  • The developer or the creator of a particular cryptocurrency or token has publicly declared that they no longer have any control over or responsibility for the asset in question. Essentially, it means that they have relinquished all rights and control over the cryptocurrency and no longer have any ability to make changes to its code or to influence its direction.

Other Risk- Premium mode info

Hidden owner

  • Using smart contracts to distribute tokens to others during token allocation. This may pose the risk of being front run.


  • Digital assets that can be created on a smart contract platform, such as Ethereum, without the need for any consensus-related activities. These tokens are created through the use of a minting function within the smart contract, which generates a new supply of tokens.

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