Why Alpha Radar AI

Finding an alpha manually is not easy. Let our AI-powered Robot serve you.

In crypto world, if you have ever tried to discover potential new projects to invest in while they are still in their early stages (also known as finding "alpha"), you've likely encountered some of the following situations:

  • You spend an entire day searching for promising projects, only to find none.

  • The "real alpha" often emerges from projects that you overlooked or hadn't even heard of.

  • You find a project that is highly promising, but its token has already risen 100x from the bottom, so you're too late to buy at a good price.

  • You may have joined a paid alpha group, perused some alpha reports or received alpha alerts. However, the recommendations are often not comprehensive enough, or are too subjective and lack of sufficient data support.

When you continually encounter these situations, put in a lot of effort but see no gain, it can be tiring or frustrating, especially in a bear market like today's. You need our first AI tool - Alpha Radar Bot.

With our Alpha Radar Bot, you will no longer face the above problems when finding alpha:

  • You can rest and let Alpha Radar Bot work for you, 24/7

  • The Bot extensively search through multiple data sources making it easy to identify abundant new projects before they are well-known.

  • The Bot is powered by AI model that is trained with abundant project data, and can identify signals of a project becoming alpha at the very beginning.

  • The Bot collects various kinds of on-chain and off-chain data for analysis, therefore the results are solid.

Alpha Radar Bot is designed and developed to make finding alpha easy. We believed investing should be simple and effortless - let our well-trained Robot works for you!

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