Alpha Phase - 1st AI Bot to find 100x potential alpha

✅ Launch ARBOT potential alpha scanner on Ethereum

✅ Launch Alpha Radar Bot on Ethereum

✅ Launch Real-time Contract Scanner

✅ Develop customized push notification and 1-click trade features

Beta Phase - All encompassing AI bot on multi-chain

✅ Expand ALPHA score evaluation on Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum and BSC

✅ Establish sub-branding - Alpha Radar on Solana and Launch Solana NFT Pass (2024 Q1)

  • Release Alpha Referral Program

  • Expand to more chains, including TON, SUI, INJ, Base and more

  • Develop Real time Alpha Sniper

  • CEX listing

  • Develop exclusive AI model for Altcoin, GameFi, DeFi, Inscription, NFT and more

Omega Phase - Everyone's web 3.0 GOOGLE

  • Top-tier CEX listing

  • Alpha Boost - Evaluate your favorite on-chain assets and explore hottest trends in web 3.0

  • Build an intent-centric web 3.0 portal using the ALPHA score as the algorithm

  • Personalized web 3.0 expert powered by LLM (Large Language Model)

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