How to access

  1. Mint an NFT on our website. πŸ‘‰

  2. Go to, and enter [/chat_id] to get your Telegram ID.

  3. Bind your Telegram ID and wallet address on the website.

  4. After binding, go back to and enter [/start].

4.a. If successful, you will receive a success message:

4.b. If unsuccessful, you will see:

  • If you haven't mint an NFT or bind your Telegram ID, please do these on the website. πŸ‘‰

  • If you have mint an NFT and bind your Telegram ID, it may take 10 minutes to an hour to activate the robot, please be patient. If the robot isn't activated after an hour, please contact us through our chat room, we will deal with your problem as soon as possible. πŸ‘‰

πŸ‘‰After above, please remember to go back to the bot and click Start again to receive new notifications.

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